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Actemium delivers advise to help clients achieve maximum output from their existing manufacturing resources. We help our customers identify opportunities for improvement and make the technology and organizational changes required to realize those improvements.

Roadmap development

Actemium works with your business and IT personnel to assess the gap between your current manufacturing systems functionality and the capabilities required to support your company’s strategic manufacturing initiatives. Our consultants develop a plan to migrate to the desired architecture and functionality, and work with you to develop the business case for the migration master plan.

Software selection advise

Our consultants are solution independent. They will advise and help you to set up a requirements specification and bid package to help you select the right software solution to fit your needs. With MESperanto (a bespoke solution from Actemium) our consultants gather the identification of requirements for an optimal MES implementation. This tool based upon the ISA-95 standard supports the creation and investigation of requirements and nice to haves. This list is put together with your business and IT personnel. The result is stored in this tool and can be completed or extended based upon our experiences in similar projects. Also a match can be made to one of our COTS (Commercially Of The Shelf) solutions or bespoke solutions we as Actemium can implement in your situation.

Program Management

Breaking a major systems implementation effort into a series of smaller, self-contained, yet complimentary projects helps manage the cost and schedule risks often encountered in large IT projects. Our program managers advise and develop with you the initial program plan, and then provide program management services over the course of the program. Program management services include organizational change management, to ensure your personnel adapt to the changes through the correct training and support; coordination of internal resources; coordination of the individual projects under the program to ensure the projects are complimentary and working together to achieve program goals; and periodic reassessment of the program plan to account for changes in business priorities and conditions.

Performance Improvement

Our consultants assess your current manufacturing performance against desired levels to determine the problems that are preventing your facilities from achieving its targets. Typical solutions involve the implementation of an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) system to capture and monitor performance data in real-time, and organizational change management to ensure this information is used effectively to drive continuous improvement. Manufacturing Business Process Design Actemium assists you in developing work and data flows to ensure your manufacturing practices are streamlined and cost effective. Based on international standards such as the SCOR (Supply Chain Operations Reference) model and ISA-95, our consultants will model the business processes needed inside the factory, which then become the basis for the functional requirements for the MES.


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