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Following the design phase and prior to the maintenance phase, the “Build” phase, covering implementation, is central to the industrial life cycle “sequence” of every project.

Build: configuration and development

The MES system is configured according to the design specifications. This phase can be executed with a well, an agile or a waterfall project approach, depending on the size, complexity and preference of the client. The scope of work is always split into smaller logical workpackages to achieve a phased implementation. This enables our clienst to start using the MES as soon as possible and benefit from the added value and cost savings.

Testing what has been build

In a simulated environment the system is made fully functional operational and the customer can validate the functionality as described in the Functional Design. The simulated environment enables functional testing without using the physical installation. The I/O references are simulated. Functional deviations or design errors are recorded in this stage and will lead to functional changes and re-testing if applicable. Also functional changes may occur which will lead to scope changes and redesign.

When the simulated tests are succesfull, the hardware and software is installed and integrated on site and will be tested in the production environment.

Actemium’ “Build” services cover all the major industrial sectors. With the goal of meeting its clients’ needs and optimising their industrial performance, Actemium builds on its broad range of expertise, substantial track record and powerful network to provide a customised service in strict compliance with the highest safety and quality standards.


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