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The design (engineering) phase is following the advise phase and is prior to the development phase. Engineering a MES system can be a complex job because it affects several business processes. The consultants and lead engineers of Actemium are experienced in translating your needs into a technical solution. A good design phase is key for a succesful MES implementation.

Functional design

The first step after a software solution is selected and user requirements are clear is to translate the user requirements into a functional design. Actemium has developed a best practice called MESperanto which is a database driven environment to structure all functional requirements and use cases to generate an engineering specification. But more important to keep track of changes and the impact of those changes to other requiremenst.

Technical design

The technical engineering describes in detail how the software is structured and the hardware is technically setup. Initially the SDS is used by software engineers to have guidelines how to develop the software.


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