Answers to MES

MES is a roadmap towards operational excellence. MES will help you to:

  • reduce manufacturing costs.
  • shorten changeover times.
  • increase quality.

Customer questions

Most of your customers have the same questions:

  • What is the status of my order?
  • What time frame can you give me?
  • Can you justify this price?
  • Can you guarantee the source of your raw materials?
  • Are you in compliance with regulatory requirements?
  • Are you able to find faulty batches?

A Manufacturing Execution System informs you

  • about the actual progress of production.
  • about updated production schedules.
  • of the actual cost of products.
  • in order to guarantee the traceability of raw materials and products.
  • in order to comply with rigorous standards.
  • in order to have efficient talks with business management.

And it provides

  • responsiveness where needed (modification, shutdowns etc.).
  • transparency regarding problems encountered and costs.
  • the brand image applied.
  • compliance with deadlines.
  • data in terms of traceability.
  • smooth interfacing with the ERP system (information system).

More FAQ’s to improve productivity:

Download the Actemium Manufacturing Execution System flyer to have the above information as a document or contact us for more information.