Maintenance Manager

A Maintenance Manager wonders:

  • What is the breakdown rate of each machine?
  • How can we avoid breakdowns?
  • Do we have spare parts?
  • When is the next production shutdown scheduled for?
  • Who will be available for call-outs?

MES ensures

  • the reporting of a breakdown or down times (by cause, by machine)
  • an immediate alert of non-conformities
  • the knowledge of the critical operation settings
  • the sending of production and maintenance schedules

so as to

  • manage and programme maintenance call outs.
  • plan maintenance tasks.
  • work closely with production.
  • analyse malfunctions (journaling, classification, etc.).
  • monitor production indicators.
  • understand breakdowns and shutdowns.
  • improve the reliability of equipment.
  • anticipate breakdowns and malfunctions.
  • increase the availability of production tools.