Quality Manager

MES can help the Quality Manager to replace paper checklists and instructions in manufacturing with proactive manufacturing execution to reduce cost and support continuous improvement. The data is collected in a centralized MES which makes Tracking and Tracing, data analyses and realtime adjustmenst based on SPC more easy.

A Quality Manager is concerned with:

  • Are the customer’s specifications met?
  • How can the quality rate be improved?
  • How to reduce waste?
  • Are all procedures adhered to?
  • Are regulatory measures respected?

MES allows a Quality Manager

  • to analyse malfunctions
  • to help draw up processes and monitor their use in real time
  • to work closely with maintenance

complying with

  • client specifications.
  • regulations.
  • requirements in terms of traceability.
  • optimisation of quality process.
  • certification labels.
  • waste production restrictions.


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