Actemium strongly believes that the quality of MES solutions is based on combining the technology of the software with in depth knowledge of the production processes of our customers. Because Manufacturing Executions Systems (MES) or nowadays often called Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), can provide a wide range of function solutions we have explained some of them below.

Actemium delivers information required by factory personnel to effectively manage the manufacturing process from order launch to the production of finished goods. Using current and accurate data, the MES guides, initiates, responds to, and reports on plant activities as they occur.

Key capabilities of a MOMS and the associated business benefits include:

  • Production  Operations Management (POM)
    • Product Tracking
    • Recipe Management
    • Operations Efficiency Management
    • Detailed Scheduling
    • Execution Management
    • Data Collection
    • Tracking & Tracing
  • Quality  Operations Management (QOM)
  • Inventory Operations Managment (IOM)
  • Maintenance Operations Management (MOM)