Maintenance Operations Management

Maintenance Operations Management shall be defined as the collection of activities which coordinate, direct, and track the functions that maintain the equipment, tools and related assets to ensure their availability for manufacturing and ensure scheduling for reactive, periodic, preventive, or proactive maintenance.

Maintenance operations management supports four main categories of maintenance:

  • Providing maintenance responses to equipment problems
  • Scheduling and performing maintenance on a periodic cycle based on time or cycles
  • Providing condition-based maintenance derived from information obtained from the equipment or inferred about the equipment
  • Optimizing resource operating performance and efficiencies

Maintenance Operations Management may include

  • Providing corrective, preventive, and condition-based maintenance
  • Providing equipment monitoring activities to anticipate failure, including equipment self-check and diagnostic activities
  • Developing maintenance cost and performance reports
  • Coordinating and monitoring contracted work
  • Supervising requested maintenance
  • Reporting on performed maintenance, including spare parts used, maintenance labor, and maintenance costs
  • Coordinating planned work with operators and plant supervision
  • Making performance verifications of production equipment
  • Assisting with product changeover needs that involve equipment changes
  • Monitoring and updating maintenance history files


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