Production Operations Management

Production Operations Management shall be defined as the collection of activities that coordinate, direct, manage and track the functions that use raw materials, energy, equipment, personnel, and information to produce products, with the required costs, qualities, quantities, safety, and timeliness.

General activities in Production Operations Management

  • Reporting on production including variable manufacturing costs.
  • Collecting and maintaining data on production, inventory, manpower, raw materials, spare parts, and energy usage.
  • Performing data collection and off-line analysis as required by engineering functions. This may include statistical quality analysis and related control functions.
  • Performing needed personnel functions, such as work period statistics (for example, time, task), vacation schedule, work force schedules, union line of progression, and in-house training and personnel qualification.
  • Establishing the immediate detailed production schedule for its own area accounting for maintenance, transportation, and other production-related requests.
  • Locally optimising the costs for individual production areas while carrying out the production schedule established by the Level 4 functions.
  • Modifying production schedules to compensate for plant production interruptions that may occur in its area of responsibility.