Quality Operations Management

Knowing your products have been made to the correct quality specifications before they are shipped is of critical importance.

A MES monitors product and process characteristics in real-time, notifying plant personnel as soon as deviations are detected. Using its Product Genealogy capabilities, the MES can rapidly determine the scope of the quality deviation, and quarantine production to ensure none of the suspect product is shipped. In addition to its real-time capabilities, the MES captures historical quality information, providing detailed information to support on-going quality improvement initiatives.

Quality operations management

Quality operations management shall be defined as the collection of activities which coordinate, direct, and track the functions that measure and report on quality. The broad scope of quality operations management includes both quality operations and the management of those operations in order to ensure the quality of intermediate and final products.
Quality operations management may include:

  • Testing and verifying the quality of materials (raw, final, and intermediate)
  • Measuring and reporting the capability of the equipment to meet quality goals
  • Certifying product quality
  • Setting standards for quality
  • Setting standards for quality personnel certification and training
  • Setting standards for control of quality


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